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snood sale [Jun. 27th, 2012|01:17 pm]
Hair Toys


its technically a snood sale fundraiser...
everyone can i have a moment?

one of my dearest friends, a single mom raising a special needs child on her home business income! has had a series of set backs.. (basically half of her living depends on getting to craft shows and stuff, and she had a series of car issues among other problems)

she is running a fundraiser for a new car .. where she will custom make snoods and other things (but i thought you may be interested in the snoods)

she makes plain ones that fit VERY well (unlike the mass market ones that always fall off my head) as well as beaded ones.

i have over 15 of them (i have to be in costume for medieval fairs... at least thats my excuse ;-p ) and they have lasted and lasted and lasted...